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In order to achieve optimal results in additive manufacturing, product and process development must go hand in hand. Therefore, we use two complementary methodological approaches and most modern tools for the design or further development of high functional and affordable components and assemblies.

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) takes the conditions caused by the technology into consideration. This ensures that the advantages of AM are used in the optimal way.     
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is the methodological approach to the realization of lean and controlled processes in industry and beyond. By using Lean Six Sigma (DfLSS) we pursue the aim of auslegen new products and their manufacturing process as correctly as possible and without any waste in the development phase already.



We work with most modern construction software. The extensive solution for 3D construction, visualization and simulation enables us to solve all relevant challenges in working environment.

Related to the order and our customers’ wishes we make use of other tools as well.

The preparation of build jobs for the machines is done by using the software Magics.